Brookfield Elementary School Staff


Mrs. Kathy Weatherbee - Principal -


Mrs. Amanda Cornelius - Administrative Assistant -

Teaching Staff:

Mr. Kurtis Porter/Mrs. Judi MacKenzie – Primary

Mrs. Sarah Topshee – Primary/1 

Ms. Lisa MacQuarrie & Ms. Shelley O'Connell - Grade 1

Mrs. Brenda Henderson/Mr Kurtis Porter - Grade 2

Mrs. Robyn Greene – Grade 2/3

Mrs Allison Tucker – Grade 3/4

Mrs. Lisa Smith - Grade 4/5

Mrs. Janell Nelson – Grade 5

Mrs. Autaum Marshall – Grade 6

Ms. Alison Read – Learning Centre

Mrs. Julie Holland - French Circuit

Ms. Lisa MacQuarrie - Reading Recovery

Mrs. Sharon Quinlan - Guidance

Mrs. Laura Bowman – Music

Mr. Larry MacKenzie – Phys. Ed.

Mrs. Susan Venner - Mathematics Mentor

Mrs. Denise Boulton - Speech Language Pathologist

Ms. Jessica Conway - Psychologist

Educational Assistants - Ms. Patty Stewart, Mrs. Amy Prest, Mrs. Beth Hill, Mrs. Marion Hart, Ms. Tracy Hoyt
Custodians - Mr. Roger Cox  and Ms. Julieanne MacPhee
Noon Hour Student Monitors: Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Prest, Mrs. Hart, Mrs. Cornelius and Ms. Hoyt

There is one full time cook, Mrs. Sharon Dunlap